Caring for your Bamboo Floors

Following these practices and advice will assist you in maximizing the durability and beauty of your bamboo flooors.

  • Lay non-abrasive mats or rugs at entrances to prevent grit, sand, and moisture from being brought onto you floor on footwear. Non-scratch and colourfast carpeting is best and it can also be placed in those places that get the highest traffic in your room. Make sure there is no possibility of chemical reaction with the flooring by checking with the manufacturers.
  • When you vacuum, mop, or dust, use a soft accessory so that you don’t drag any dust or grit across the surface.
  • When you wash the floor do not use any abrasives, harsh detergents, or chemicals. Bamboo flooring can be cleaned with a generic hardwood floor cleaner. If you are not able to source these products, an alternative is to make up a mixture of one quarter of a cup = white vinegar, with a quart of clean water. Work on small areas, drying the area you have worked before continuing on to the next.
  • In kitchens and bathrooms try to use rugs if possible. This will stop spills of excessive water entering the surface. If you don’t want to use mats, clean up any spills with a soft dry cloth as soon as possible.
  • Ensure you put a tray underneath any potted plants. It is also best if there is airflow under the tray.
  • As with any wooden floor, do not walk on it with high heels and protect it from furniture legs. Rubber or felt pads provide good protection. Neither should you push or drag furniture across the floor, carry it to prevent damage. Pets claws can also cause damage so be sure to keep them trimmed.
  • Prevent fading from UV rays by installing blinds, curtains, or tinted windows in areas of high and prolonged sunlight.




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