Eco friendly pallet Furniture Kenya

Pallet pieces can be stained, lightly distressed or all natural or better yet, sealed with water-based satin polyurethane.

Our stub post of the week shows pallet furniture done by crafty people like you and me across the earth.

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Stroika pallet board




Idea board ( sourced from CRAFTERS ONLINE)

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Bamboo Inspiration

The following images are some of our best interior design inspirations. Notice the prevalent use of bamboo flooring and the effect the bamboo has on the spaces. Bamboo finishes create a general warm feel to the interior and can be applied variably from the floors to the ceilings, to staircases and table tops if desired.


1. Interior floors ( Lounge, kitchen, bedrooms, dining areas, passages, corridors)

2. Staircases ( Treads, risers, nosings, balusters and newels)

3. Outdoor areas (pool areas, porches)

4. Interior ceiling

5. Table tops

6. Interior wall decor

7. Millinery ( Kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, skirting)



Wonderful-Look-in-Natural-Bamboo-Flooring-Ideas-04horizontal carb



Caring for your Bamboo Floors

Following these practices and advice will assist you in maximizing the durability and beauty of your bamboo flooors.

  • Lay non-abrasive mats or rugs at entrances to prevent grit, sand, and moisture from being brought onto you floor on footwear. Non-scratch and colourfast carpeting is best and it can also be placed in those places that get the highest traffic in your room. Make sure there is no possibility of chemical reaction with the flooring by checking with the manufacturers.
  • When you vacuum, mop, or dust, use a soft accessory so that you don’t drag any dust or grit across the surface.
  • When you wash the floor do not use any abrasives, harsh detergents, or chemicals. Bamboo flooring can be cleaned with a generic hardwood floor cleaner. If you are not able to source these products, an alternative is to make up a mixture of one quarter of a cup = white vinegar, with a quart of clean water. Work on small areas, drying the area you have worked before continuing on to the next.
  • In kitchens and bathrooms try to use rugs if possible. This will stop spills of excessive water entering the surface. If you don’t want to use mats, clean up any spills with a soft dry cloth as soon as possible.
  • Ensure you put a tray underneath any potted plants. It is also best if there is airflow under the tray.
  • As with any wooden floor, do not walk on it with high heels and protect it from furniture legs. Rubber or felt pads provide good protection. Neither should you push or drag furniture across the floor, carry it to prevent damage. Pets claws can also cause damage so be sure to keep them trimmed.
  • Prevent fading from UV rays by installing blinds, curtains, or tinted windows in areas of high and prolonged sunlight.




Comparing Bamboo with Laminate flooring

Bamboo flooring is made from glued strips of bamboo (a grass) while laminate flooring is made from fusing plastic (synthetic) to simulate wooden flooring. This article consolidates the differences between these types of flooring.

1. Price

Laminate Flooring is much cheaper when considering  initial cost. Bamboo flooring is relativley more expensive but increases the value of the house. This is especially useful for property developers who are looking to resell or get tenants.

2. Durability

Bamboo is hard, and its production results in a product that is extremely difficult to puncture or dent. It is, however, not very resistant to being scratched. For that reason, it is suggested that furniture not be dragged across it, and in areas (such as under a dining table) where chairs would be pulled across the floor, an area rug should be used. It is also easily faded by strong sunlight, so curtains or other covers over windows are recommended to filter the light.

Laminate flooring is resistant to scratches, and is often used in high traffic areas. It is also fade resistant. Although it is difficult to puncture or dent, it is not as hard as bamboo, meaning that high heeled shoes, for example, are more of a danger to laminate floors than to bamboo, but they are not recommended for either.

If badly damaged, bamboo can be repaired because it is a solid material. If the top appliquéd portion of a laminate floor is damaged, it cannot be repaired, but must be removed.

3. Chemical composition

Bamboo Flooring is mainly made up of glued bamboo planks, while the support material of Laminate Flooring consists of glued wooden fiber. The content of formaldehyde in laminate flooring(LF) is  higher than that in bamboo and is emitted  throughout the life of the floor.  However, as long as  it meets the standard of formaldehyde release, Laminate flooring is considered safe.

4. Appearance

Colors available in Laminate flooring include   cherry, teak, walnut , oak and ceramic tile (can be more).

Bamboo flooring is available in natural color (Looks just like wood) solid teak, carbonized color, cherry, coffee brown and several other colors.

 5. Noise
Bamboo is generally less noisy. On the other hand, laminate flooring produces more noise in general due to the fact that they are ‘floated’.  Proper underlays may reduce the noise.

6. Installation 

Laminate floors are floating floors and install over flooring underlay. It’s called a “floating floor” because the floor itself isn’t attached to the subfloor. Only the planks are attached to each other using a click locking mechanism. When made well, these floors are very easy to install and it’s why they are the choice for many do-it-yourself flooring projects.

Bamboo floors can also be ‘floated’. This variety are referred to as the ‘click’ bamboo floors . These are called click engineered HDF core bamboo floors and they’re becoming very popular as an alternative to laminate floors. They install exactly the same way as laminate flooring and some even have an attached underlay.

Bamboo  Click
Click bamboo flooring




We supply ‘click’ and T&G types of bamboo flooring.


Selecting bamboo flooring


Some bamboo is softer than others and, therefore, can easily be dented(think high heels) or scratched (pets or machinery) . For example, carbonized bamboo, which has been boiled to produce a darker color, softens the bamboo considerably. It however may be found to be more aesthetically appealing than natural  bamboo.


Strand Woven is the hardest type of bamboo flooring and is most comparable to the hardest of wood floors. It’s made from strips of bamboo that are shredded into strands and combined with resins, which help protect the flooring.

Strand woven bamboo is water proof and moisture resistant, which can greatly increase the life span of your floor compared to wooden flooring.

There are also solid bamboo and engineered bamboo flooring. Solid bamboo flooring comes in either horizontal or vertical grain types, which refers to the way the bamboo strips are laminated together when the flooring is manufactured. Which to choose? If you like the look of the natural bamboo nodes showing in the floor, then choose the horizontal grain. The vertical grain has a more uniform appearance with no visible knuckles, or nodes. Engineered bamboo flooring appears like solid bamboo from above, but those top layers are actually attached with adhesives to another layer of wood, such as plywood or pine (Source:


Choosing the color is the easy part. That depends on your taste and the colors in the room. Bamboo flooring comes in a variety of colors that will suit any taste or interior. You can choose anything from a natural blonde to burnt mocha, Irish moss and red cognac. When considering color, traffic is again something to consider. The natural golden color is neutral and goes well in most decors, but it is not recommended in highly trafficked areas because marks will be more visible



Bamboo can be specifically chosen depending on where it is to be installed. Indoor bamboo flooring differs from the outdoor decking. Decking is made from vertically laminated bamboo strips individually selected for color and compatibility.

It has low moisture absorption and high resistance to decay and UV damage, higher density and rigidity than wood finish and is easy to  maintain. All you need is your basic mop or broom to keep dirt and debris from piling up.

Additionally, outdoor decking has:

! No rotting, cracking, warping or splintering
! Looks and feels like natural wood, but harder and more durable than wood
! Can be cut, fastened, drilled and sanded like real wood
! Termite resistant
! Environmentally friendly alternative to using hardwoods

There is a price difference between indoor and outdoor bamboos. Generally, outdoor bamboo flooring costs more than the ones installed in interior spaces.

Outdoor bamboo decking

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Indoor style (Bamboo flooring)

Indoor spaces  look and feel really great with bamboo flooring. There is a certain warmth they add to your home, especially the lounge and dining areas,  that no other finish can do. Interestingly, bamboo flooring can also be used in commercial spaces such as offices to create great interior finishes.

They can be installed over most floor finishes and last for periods of about 25 years ( that’s a quarter of century!) . Contact us if you’d like to learn more about this amazing product.



If you’re looking for a highquality and long-lasting flooring option, choose bamboo flooring.

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The advantages of bamboo flooring include:

1. Cost friendly compared to ordinary hardwood floors

2. Green: Bamboo products are incredibly green and eco-friendly due to their short planting, maturing and harvesting time.

3. They are easy on the eyes

4. They are available in different colors and for wide uses. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors

Below are images showing the wide application of bamboo flooring . If you looking for a great floor finish why not choose bamboo? Order bamboo products through us today.

Available Bamboo variations


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