Eco friendly pallet Furniture Kenya

Pallet pieces can be stained, lightly distressed or all natural or better yet, sealed with water-based satin polyurethane. Our stub post of the week shows pallet furniture done by crafty people like you and me across the earth. If you are looking for the wooden type pallets, we can deliver to your door if you fill theContinue reading “Eco friendly pallet Furniture Kenya”

Our Contractors

We work with expert installers on on all our flooring, lighting and finishing work ( painting, polishing and sanding). You do not have to struggle to get any of these done. Fill the form here , give us your details and we’ll take care of the rest.

Bamboo Inspiration

The following images are some of our best interior design inspirations. Notice the prevalent use of bamboo flooring and the effect the bamboo has on the spaces. Bamboo finishes create a general warm feel to the interior and can be applied variably from the floors to the ceilings, to staircases and table tops if desired.Continue reading “Bamboo Inspiration”

Caring for your Bamboo Floors

Following these practices and advice will assist you in maximizing the durability and beauty of your bamboo flooors. Lay non-abrasive mats or rugs at entrances to prevent grit, sand, and moisture from being brought onto you floor on footwear. Non-scratch and colourfast carpeting is best and it can also be placed in those places thatContinue reading “Caring for your Bamboo Floors”

Comparing Bamboo with Laminate flooring

Bamboo flooring is made from glued strips of bamboo (a grass) while laminate flooring is made from fusing plastic (synthetic) to simulate wooden flooring. This article consolidates the differences between these types of flooring. 1. Price Laminate Flooring is much cheaper when considering  initial cost. Bamboo flooring is relativley more expensive but increases the valueContinue reading “Comparing Bamboo with Laminate flooring”

Selecting bamboo flooring

Durability Some bamboo is softer than others and, therefore, can easily be dented(think high heels) or scratched (pets or machinery) . For example, carbonized bamboo, which has been boiled to produce a darker color, softens the bamboo considerably. It however may be found to be more aesthetically appealing than natural  bamboo. Strand Woven is theContinue reading “Selecting bamboo flooring”

Indoor style (Bamboo flooring)

Indoor spaces  look and feel really great with bamboo flooring. There is a certain warmth they add to your home, especially the lounge and dining areas,  that no other finish can do. Interestingly, bamboo flooring can also be used in commercial spaces such as offices to create great interior finishes. They can be installed overContinue reading “Indoor style (Bamboo flooring)”


If you’re looking for a high–quality and long-lasting flooring option, choose bamboo flooring. See more of our work here The advantages of bamboo flooring include: 1. Cost friendly compared to ordinary hardwood floors 2. Green: Bamboo products are incredibly green and eco-friendly due to their short planting, maturing and harvesting time. 3. They are easy on the eyes 4. TheyContinue reading “BAMBOO FLOORING KENYA”