Estimating the price 

If you choose to go with a concrete base, your cost will be:



This varies around the country and will depend on the site conditions in your yard (what has to be done first – leveling, tree removal), and access.  Call and get a few estimates.  We have concrete slab specifications available to download and present these to the concrete contractor.  Expect prices to range between KES 600 per sf and KES 2400 per sf, depending on your situation.

Compacted Base:

If you choose a compacted base instead of concrete, your cost for this phase will be 10-25% of the cost of concrete.  You’ll still need to prep the area (level, remove sod, etc.) and you’ll need approximately 1 cubic yard of compact-able material (limestone, recycled concrete, gravel, fines, etc). for every 80 square feet of court.  You’ll also need form boards, a wheelbarrow, hand tools and a vibratory plate compactor.

 Sports Surface:

If you buy your sports tile from us, expect to pay KES 1200-1800per sf.  See our polypropylene surfaces




Posts, hoops , Light, Net Post & Net, Fencing, etc.) Available locally from sports houses.

If you have the money in your budget, a nice goal is well worth the money, but if you’re trying to do this project for as little as possible, you can always upgrade the components down the road.

Labor to Install:

Installing the components can require heavy lifting, and concrete.  We will need to have plenty of help on hand.  Snapping the sports surface together is easy, fun and fast.  Other tasks, like painting lines and installing ball containment are not that difficult.

Usually basketball court is of size 94ft by 54ft(28.65 by 15.24m)


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