4 things to know before importing flooring

Alan* came to our Stroika shop recently. He works as a procurement manager for an interior design firm. His well known company has a number of projects going on in Nairobi and they’ve been our very good clients for over 2 years. Towards the end of last year, they decided to be importing their own material as a way of bypassing external service providers like us.

You see, at Stroika, we import factory made products from our oversees manufacturers. We take the risk of ensuring goods are manufactured on time, checked for quality, shipped economically and installed professionally.


Alan came to us last week and we thought it was just a courtesy call. We soon realized the severity of issues at hand when he highlighted the following issues:

1. They we dealing with an overseas agent and not the manufacturer. As a result, the final cost was 5% higher than the quoted price.
2. The preshipment time had been extended from 30 days to 45. This meant that the project was delayed.
3. Since they had not received the product sample beforehand, they could not verify that was ordered was similar to what the project needed.
4. They had not accounted for wastage during installation. As a result, the ordered material was short about 70 square meters.

What lesson can be drawn here?

1. Make sure you deal with verified manufactures. Ask for proof and if need be, visit the factories in person.
2. Settle delivery schedules. Project time is extremely critical in project management.
3. Preorder samples are critical.
4. Always account for waste. Order 105% of the calculated order quantity.

If you would like the ease of benefiting from other people’s experience, the smartest option is to let the experts do it for you.

There is no accurate measure for peace of mind!



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