Recycled Glass

Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity – something few food and beverage packaging options can claim.

Got bottles? We collect empty glass bottles , broken tableware and ceramics. #glass #recycling #leed #waste #environment .

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Estimating the price 

If you choose to go with a concrete base, your cost will be:



This varies around the country and will depend on the site conditions in your yard (what has to be done first – leveling, tree removal), and access.  Call and get a few estimates.  We have concrete slab specifications available to download and present these to the concrete contractor.  Expect prices to range between KES 600 per sf and KES 2400 per sf, depending on your situation.

Compacted Base:

If you choose a compacted base instead of concrete, your cost for this phase will be 10-25% of the cost of concrete.  You’ll still need to prep the area (level, remove sod, etc.) and you’ll need approximately 1 cubic yard of compact-able material (limestone, recycled concrete, gravel, fines, etc). for every 80 square feet of court.  You’ll also need form boards, a wheelbarrow, hand tools and a vibratory plate compactor.

 Sports Surface:

If you buy your sports tile from us, expect to pay KES 1200-1800per sf.  See our polypropylene surfaces




Posts, hoops , Light, Net Post & Net, Fencing, etc.) Available locally for sports houses.

If you have the money in your budget, a nice goal is well worth the money, but if you’re trying to do this project for as little as possible, you can always upgrade the components down the road.

Labor to Install:

Installing the components can require heavy lifting, and concrete.  We will need to have plenty of help on hand.  Snapping the sports surface together is easy, fun and fast.  Other tasks, like painting lines and installing ball containment are not that difficult.

Usually basketball court is of size 94ft by 54ft(28.65 by 15.24m)


Salvages:Reclaimable building material

history-and-components-of-green-buildingApart from the environmental concerns’, recycled building materials are often less expensive than their brand new counterparts.We have realized that  there’s a healthy demand for salvaged building material.

Contractors and developers enjoy lower costs of  materials, less time is spent hauling material out of sites & yes, even environmental authorities will hate you a little less. We compiled a list of some itet can be reused albeit non-structurally in recon or renovation work.

1. Reclaimed Wood

Found in abundance in most of the older homes in the roofs, stair panels, ceilings, hand rails, window seals, flooring and countertops. Wood can be milled and processed into stunning new products.


2. Steel & Iron

Steel & iron are common construction materials used in project.You find them on roofing sheets (mabati) , galvanized pipes, columns, beams, trusses, scaffolds and many others.  In for the simple reason that it doesn’t lose structural strength after being recycled. Recycled steel has been used in new buildings, bridges, cars, and more. Recycled steel is less expensive to produce than virgin steel. Plus, recycling steel causes far fewer carbon emissions than extracting new steel


3.  Gypsum

Sandwich gypsum between two sheets of paper and you have drywall. Its high recycling value is due to drywall’s varied recycling potentials: Gypsum scraps can be used to patch walls, to form concrete, or to create new drywall. The gypsum in drywall is beloved by gardeners, who use it to nourish plants. Finally, the paper in drywall can be recycled as well. Salvaging drywall is an Earth-friendly operation, not only because it reduces landfill volumes, but also because drywall in landfills can leak sulfate into nearby watersheds.

4. Glass and Windows

Like steel, glass can be repeatedly recycled with no loss of quality. Environmentally conscious consumers and businesses are drawn to glass because it’s inherently green—for every ton of glass that’s recycled rather than extracted, a ton of natural resources are saved. Windows salvaged from demolition sites can be recycled for any number of applications, from sandblasting to paving parking lots.


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How we chose our silent solar generator (and how you can benefit)

If you are like me and have pre-neolithic thoughts everytime there is a power outage, you may be familiar with the happy thoughts that flood your mind when the generator starts roaring. This means you can finally charge your phone, … Continue reading

Premium ‘wood-look’ flooring without the premium price tag

The type of floor selected completely changes the appearance of a home or office. Flooring is like your pair of shoes. Your choice of shoes has the capacity to affect your entire look and the perception others have of you. Renown interior designers have historically preloved wooden flooring since they last long. They also add value to the house, make it feel warmer than ceramic tiles and have an eternal allure. Bamboo flooring is emerging as an appealing alternative to wooden flooring. It has a premium look without the premium price tags..


How it is made

Bamboo flooring is generally prepared together with the slicing of long poles of bamboo. They then experience the method of glued, being boiled and milled. Powerful chemicals like boric acid are placed on the Bamboo so that you can preserve it. The use of Urea Formaldehyde is undertaken for lamination. You can quickly come across flooring that is affordable. This flooring is not difficult to keep and keep. It’s priced reasonably, is long-lasting and sustainable in comparison to other floorings made from hardwood. This is why, Bamboo flooring is very popular. Bamboo flooring is totally biodegradable and natural. It does not house dust, mites, soil along with other kinds of pollutants.


It’s an eco-friendly and flooring that is fairly priced. It’s mended the same fashion as hardwood. Maintaining this flooring is straightforward as well as straightforward. But you must bear in mind that dust has to be swept off. These floorboards have to be sanded off often. You’ll be able to apply a mop that is moist, in the event you prefer the surface to polish. You are not required to use a cleaning agent that is nonabrasive. Polish, you’re not required to refresh and wax this flooring. The flooring comes in many different colours that are vibrant and shapes, textures. Some of the most popular colours are “Dyed colours”, “Darker Tawny color” and “Natural light colour”. Aside from the conventional flooring, you might like to avail of groove and floating flooring, plank terrazzo and tongue floorboards. A majority of the floorboards demand adhesives to be used but the “Click together” ones tend not to want them.


The “Pre-finished” flooring requires a finish that is UV treated. The maintenance of Bamboo flooring isn’t the same as hardwood flooring. Bamboo is a grass rather than a tree which is why maintenance differs. Traditional cleaners like caustic ingredients or acids should not be used on bamboo flooring. Bamboo needs simple practices to maintain. Just use ordinary dish detergent mixed in water .You can place a door mat in the entry door in order to keep away debris like soil and sand from getting trapped in.
You will need to mop the floor using a damp mop that’s micro fibers. The most effective cleaner is water and the regular dish soap. This will stop the bamboo flooring from having a look that is dull and breaking down.


Bioethanol Fireplaces

Bio-fuel fires are the most contemporary and stylish of fire place designs, and offer a real flame with little emission and easy installation.They do not require a chimney.  Installation is possible at any point in the room. The main part of each bio fireplace is the burner.

The burner is a metal container whose shape and dimensions may be different. The burner is filled with fuel, usually it is bioethanol. Bio ethanol does not require ventilation or expensive remodeling projects. Fuel is poured into the burner and lit with an extended candle lighter as suggested.



  • bio ethanol fireplaces are perfectly safe when used properly and for their intended purpose
  • Great for ambience or heating or both!
  • they are clean burning and odourless so produce no irritating smoke, ash or embers.
  • easy installation
  • easy to start a fire, maintain and operate which saves time and it is less cumbersome compared to other heating alternatives.



  • The larger the burner the larger the flame and the larger the volume of fuel consumption.This is true for burners where the heating function is preferred to the ambiance function.
  • There are some risks associated with ethanol fireplaces. As they are commonly ventless, this means that carbon dioxide produced from combustion is released into the room. Another concern is that ethanol might not burn completely in poorly ventilated rooms. To check this, the house or room requires efficient ventilation to allow effective supply of fresh air.


Aluminium Composite wall tiles


Easy DIY peel and stick tile concept of mosaic sticker is made of an adhesive substrate topped with a aluminum composite panel.

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) is a flat panel of two  aluminium sheets bonded to each other and then on non-aluminium core.

The brush metal surface offers stunning visual impact. the tiles are thin and light, they can be installed in minutes over a clean and sleek surface without any mess or specialized tools, and never crack with time.This kind of metal backsplash wall tiles are lightweight, easy to handle, cut and maintain, they will remain on your walls for as long as you wish them to be. The tiles can also be easily installed directly over existing panels or smooth surface. Especially designed for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom backsplashes, the tiles are resistant to the heat of stovetops and the humidity of bathrooms (do not use in shower).



We love eco-friendly things. They add to life, art, design and economics. We are working day and night, through the sun and storm to raise more awareness on the brilliant bamboo grass and more conscientious building choices.#PollutionRevolution

Be inspired by the collection of photos. Our bamboo poles are available at eceptionally low prices. If we go any lower, they’d be free! Email, call or better yet, pay us a visit when you can.

The poles work well indoors and are treated against insect attacks. The project pictures are largely sourced from iBuku. We have different species locally and source directly from farmers. Again, take a minute and ring +254 775 645 360 0r +254 790 927 225.