Stroika’s 2015 Forecast on Lighting Trends

1. Go Solar Apart from being green products, the new breed of solar lighting solutions are guaranteed to ensure savings on electricity bills. We see this in application with the solar lanterns with new features including mobile phone charging capabilities, garden lights, indoor lighting ( reliant on solar panels) and even security lighting like ourContinue reading “Stroika’s 2015 Forecast on Lighting Trends”

7 tips for the Savvy Home buyer ( Kenya)

Today we explore home buying. Below are 7 great, easy to apply tips when before buying a home. 1. Location Real estate is all about location. Whether you want to buy an apartment, a stand alone home or a floating island. Select a great location and you’ll be sure to have a winning investment. 2.Continue reading “7 tips for the Savvy Home buyer ( Kenya)”

Building a home back home

 Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. ~Robert Frost Once you choose to construct a home back home, the next immediate step is to identify how to start. Most people rely on  relatives or friends living within Kenya to selectContinue reading “Building a home back home”

Spectacular Convertible 3 bed-roomed apartment!

There is this beautiful home we are sellling in Nairobi. It’s a great home for a family or can even be converted into an office space! The buyer/investor has the liberty to choose. How cool is that? The details are outlined below:  Bedrooms:3Bathrooms:2Furnished:NoPets:YesBroker Fee:No This can be your home or your office. You decide! TheContinue reading “Spectacular Convertible 3 bed-roomed apartment!”