Bioethanol Fireplaces

Bio-fuel fires are the most contemporary and stylish of fire place designs, and offer a real flame with little emission and easy installation.They do not require a chimney.  Installation is possible at any point in the room. The main part of each bio fireplace is the burner.

The burner is a metal container whose shape and dimensions may be different. The burner is filled with fuel, usually it is bioethanol. Bio ethanol does not require ventilation or expensive remodeling projects. Fuel is poured into the burner and lit with an extended candle lighter as suggested.



  • bio ethanol fireplaces are perfectly safe when used properly and for their intended purpose
  • Great for ambience or heating or both!
  • they are clean burning and odourless so produce no irritating smoke, ash or embers.
  • easy installation
  • easy to start a fire, maintain and operate which saves time and it is less cumbersome compared to other heating alternatives.



  • The larger the burner the larger the flame and the larger the volume of fuel consumption.This is true for burners where the heating function is preferred to the ambiance function.
  • There are some risks associated with ethanol fireplaces. As they are commonly ventless, this means that carbon dioxide produced from combustion is released into the room. Another concern is that ethanol might not burn completely in poorly ventilated rooms. To check this, the house or room requires efficient ventilation to allow effective supply of fresh air.



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